Lease-Options; 3 ways to generate Income

The lease Option is one of many ways to generate income through Real Estate. There are basically 3 areas that one would look for in creating a possible good lease option deal. These 3 areas involve income potential and 2 of the 3 should at least be met to even consider it to be a potential lease-option deal.
1-Money up front (minimal 3% down payment from leasee)
2-monthly cashflow spread from the monthly payment
3-Cash on the backend at time of sale or transfer of ownership.

In order for this to be a successful transaction, investors must go into the deal with the intentions to have a “win-win” outcome, and set up the original contract with room to financial succeed. 

There is alot more involved than just these 3 steps. I share this information in full with live closed deals in my book/training manual.  You can find more information about my “Mentor Program” on my website: Under the Mentor Training link.

*God Speed&


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