Turn Your Knowledge into POWER!

Here are 5 action steps you can take right now to start working your knowledge into power…

1-More of what you love: What do you love to do, and how can you do more of that? List at least three activities and then make a list of time-wasters you could replace with your “passion”.
2-No more excuses: There is no time for excuses and whiners; life is just too short! Write down the excuses you’ve been using to avoid going after your DREAMS (such as I’m too old, I don’t have the education/money/time). Now make a list of the reasons those excuses don’t hold water.
3-Listen to your gut: People will always have their opinion. That’s why it’s called an “opinion”. Sometimes you have to just trust your gut instincts. Write down one big change your gut is telling you to make and then write the three action steps you can take to make it happen.
4-Be what you read: In order to achieve success, you must be willing to change. This change can only come if you initiate it. Whatever your goal, passion, or industry may be, you must continue to educate yourself in that arena. Set 30 minutes a day aside to further increase your knowledge.
5-It’s never too late: No matter where life has taken you or how far down the road you’ve traveled, it’s never too late to start working on achieving your DREAMS, and GOALS. Start now by writing down a mission statement for yourself that encompasses your ultimate goal. Don’t be afraid to think BIG!

*God Speed


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