Be the Leader in your Life

Here we are, 2011. Another year has flew by. What can and will you do to better your outcome for 2011? Make the decision today to lead your life with honest optimism and passion!

See life as it is-but not worse than it is…
If you really want to be effective, you’ve got to tell the truth!
That’s the first secret to leading your life effectively. Tell yourself the truth. See whatever it is that you want to change-your body, your business, your relationships-as its, but don’t make it worse than it really is. When you make something worse than it is, you give yourself an excuse not to try.

See life better than it is…
You have to have vision for what you want. Don’t just see things as they are-envisionwhat they could be. Raise your standards. Your standards aren’t a “goal”; they are what you live, breathe and find a way to get to. Raise your standards, and create a clear vision-see what you really want as better than it is.

Make your life the way you see it…
You’ve got to take massive action; you’ve got be resourceful. If there isn’t a way, a leader makes a way to meet those standards. Find a way and make it the way you want it, whether it’s your body, your energy, your career, your spiritual life or your relationships.

Happy New Year!

*GOd Speed*


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