Member Profile of the Quarter

Biltmore Who’s Who Selects Thomas E. Donnell, Jr., Owner and Founder of TLD Investments, as This Quarter’s Honored Member
Recently selected as an Honored Member of Biltmore Who’s Who Executive and Professional Registry, Thomas Donnell was recognized for his commitment to excellence in the Real Estate Industry. He founded TLD Investments in 2002 and has since grown his business to a net worth of over $1.9 million. Despite his financial success, Donnell’s motivation remains grounded in his entrepreneurial drive and determination, as well as his desire to help others understand the real estate industry and learn the tricks of the trade.

“My focus initially began with foreclosures, rehabbing and flipping properties,” he explained. “For the first year I performed many transactions creating a small, lucrative business. As I studied the real estate market and all its possibilities, I realized there was a greater need to educate people on the ins and outs of real estate.”

To meet this need, Donnell became a mentor and trainer in the real estate industry, serves as a guest speaker at numerous events and participates on a national talk radio show called “Income Property Investment Talk”. He is also the author of a book/manual, titled “Creative Real Estate to Wealth,” which offers his expertise and services as a mentor and coach for those interested in following his path to lucrative real estate investments. Donnell notes that he was fortunate to shadow and work with inspiring mentors who helped him get started, including Broker James Garcia, the founder and owner of Confidence Mortgage, and other real estate gurus like Marko Rubel, Peter Conti and Richard Roop.

Today, Donnell’s investment company focuses on a variety of real estate projects, including foreclosures, short sales, tax liens, the wholesale/retail market and, more recently, lease-option programs. While the current state of the economy and real estate market is challenging, Donnell says the reality is that it is a great time to buy. Furthermore, there are regional differences in real estate that are important to consider. Donnell’s company is based in New Mexico, a state where real estate has not been hit as hard in comparison with states such as California and Nevada. His company has branched out into Arizona, Texas and Colorado where he sees good opportunities for buying, selling and other real estate activities.

As part of his commitment to educating others, Donnell is focusing much of his attention on helping people get out of hardship during these difficult financial times. He is helping people keep their homes when they are facing foreclosure or pre-foreclosure. He is also helping people who can afford a mortgage but don’t satisfy the qualifications. His message is one of hope and possibilities in a time when many people are feeling frustrated and helpless.

Donnell’s message and beliefs carry over into his speaking engagements and blog posts. He was raised by a single mother, attended college on a scholarship, married young and held a job while completing college at night. Rather than wishing things were easier, he followed his goals with a diligence that now allows him to engage in his passion on a daily basis.

“We all have opposition in life, but we also have the opportunity to succeed,” says Donnell. “My advice is simple: be extraordinarily persistent and focused on what you want to achieve. Write your goals down and look at them every day. Then lead by example because your actions will directly impact your success.”

Donnell holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in economics from San Jose State University and is a CFG Real Estate graduate. He is also certified in small business and group business for marketing through Pre-Paid Legal. He’s a member of the REI Club, numerous local real estate clubs and his local Chamber of Commerce. Donnell is also a volunteer wrestling coach at his local high school and lends both time and financial support to numerous local charities. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, photography and spending time with his family.

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