Asset Protection

As important as planning for the disposition and disbursement of your assets on your death is making sure those assets are protected while your alive. The wealthy have practiced asset protection for years, if not decades. The process includes total, legal and ethical strategies to protect the assets you work so hard to accumulate.

Why do you need asset protection? For starters, nine out of every ten lawsuits in the world are filed in the United States, and every year, one out of ten Americans is sued. The more money you have, and the more complex your business is, the more likely your are to be sued. Ans simply forming a corporation-although that is a key component of a sound asset protection strategy-is not enough.

Let me stress that I believe you should always pay your just debts. Do not use asset protection to avoid legitimate obligations. While that’s certainly possible and may even be legal, it’s morally wrong and it will catch up with you. Asset protection should be an integrated part of your overall personal and business financial strategy, as well as your estate plan.

*God Speed*


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