Turn Your Knowledge into Power

Folks, here something to consider…

Don’t waste your time trying to sell your products and services to people who need it most. Most, if not all won’t buy it. Instead, you should focus on selling to successful people who want to get even better.

Five Action Steps you can take right now….

1-No Dumb Questions:
I think the smartest people are always those who ask the most questions. The reality is you can’t always be an expert at everything. Writ down one of your most important projects. Pick up the phone and call a couple of people to solicit their ideas and feedback.

2-Creat Happiness:
Experts say our experiences actually change the landscape of our brains. Do (at least) one thing that makes you especially happy today. (coffe or lunch with a friend- read a good book-movie with a loved one, etc..)

3-Stand on Tip Toes:
Shooting for the stars or something that is slightly out of reach is the “key” to true happiness. To do this, you may be uncomfortable along the way. List some rewards you can give yourself for hard work as you reach milestones to your goals.

4-Avoid the Fluff:
Most salespeople say they need to improve their follow-up. This is a daily discipline and must be rich in value. What are the top three ways you follow-up with your prospects? Are you offering value or just being annoying? Write down three ways your follow-up can be valuable.

5-Deer in the Headlights:
Although entrepreneurs are risk takers, often the most risky path is “inaction”. If you’ve been sitting on your hands about something lately, stop. List the first three action steps required to get it going. Now reread No.1 and get started.

*God Speed*


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