Power Team; Vital to RE Investments

Every real estate investor has their way of making deals happen and the process they use to assist them in achieving success in those deals. However, I truly think it’s vital to have a certain equation to your RE process, and that is your “Power Team” Mine is what I call; the “Circle of Wealth” Team. This team is made up of several different members that are experts in the field of making a real estate transaction successful.

This power team can be many and /or it can be few. It really depends on your experience as well as the amount of deals you are doing and where these deal are located. In a nutshell, here is what my “Power Team” consists of:

-RE Agent (s)
-RE Mortgage Broker
-Banker (not necessary)
-Insurance agent
-Contractor (s) depending on type of deal you are doing)
-Home Inspector (s)
-Appraiser (more than one)
-Bird Dogs
-RE Attorney (s)
-Other Investors

This team is vital to your consistency and success in real estate investing. Continue to grow this team and make yourself known.

*God Speed*


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