Turning knowledge into Power

Here are some action items that you can start implementing to increase your knowledge as well as your succes;

1-Blueprint for Action: What is your most improtant goal? Write it down with a detailed plan of your next move. Track your progress until you realize the goal.

2- A hand up: There is no more powerful leadership than the ability to be genuinely honest about one’s weaknesses, mistakes and needs for help. What’s your biggest problem? Take time today to ask at least one person for help. NOt sure where to start? Make a list of your fears to see where some of your weeknesses lie.

3- Invest in Organization: Taking an hour to think about organizing your work space and your daily system, is key to your future success. We are all busy, but doing what? Ask yourself this question more often on a daily, weekly basis and make the necessary changes in order to be productive and not just active. Write down two main areas for improvement and take an hour today to reorganize. It will pay dividends in tomorrow’s productivity.

4- Listen with your eyes as well as your ears: When speaking to a team member, or just anyone. You should listen with your eyes as well as your ears. When you do this it lets the other person know you are truly listening. It also assists you in understanding their postiion and possibly being able to help them.

5- To sell Successfully: In order to sell your product successfully with consistency as well as persisitency, you must first sell the biggest and most challenging person; YOU! You must be the first sale everyday and be passionate about your product and/or service. This will feed off unto the potential buyer-clientel. Be honest, have integrity and keep the door open.


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