3 Tips to Build Wealth Independent of Your Business‏

As a business owner you know that your “job” is to build a business, not a job. But as a financially responsible individual your job is to also build wealth independent of your business.

It’s critical that you don’t just rely on every financial egg in the basket of your business. You’ve got to both build a portion of your net worth outside of your business AND you’ve got to grow your skill set for intelligently investing and managing your net worth. Think about it, if you eventually sell your business and get a large 7 or 8-figure wire transfer, what then? Will you have the skill set to intelligently manage and invest that money?

It’s crucial that you continue to educate yourself and build your knowledge base on being able to strategically grow your net worth, but build your wealth. By further growing your skill set, you will allow yourself the opportunity to creat more wealth and make smart decisions with this wealth.

Tip One: Cultivate the skills and experience of investing so when/if you do sell your business, you have the skills to intelligently invest the money.

Tip Two: Start investing 10-15% of your working time and money NOW to your investing outside of your main business.

Tip Three: Create a simple quarterly “scorecard” for how you are doing in your investing outside of your business.

*God Speed*


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