How to Make Money from “C” Leads

What is a C Lead, you ask… A C lead is basically a homeowner who is asking full market price for there property. As a wholeseller or someone who is attempting to wholesale, you simple can’t do anything with a property like this.

So, If you wanted to, here’s how a great way to start monotizing the “C” Leads you can’t use. Work out some kind of deal with a Realtor in your area.

These leads may not be good for your business model, but there’s still a legitimate lead here- a motivated seller who wants (or needs) to sell. So why not work out an arrangement to allow a trusted Realtor to call on property owners who are asking full market value for their property? Then, if the Realtor lists your lead and ultimately sells the property, they could pay you some type of referral fee. (the important word here is “FEE”). You can also work out an arrangement with a Realtor where you’ll give them your C leads in exchange for them giving you access to the MLS.

You can also sell these C leads to Realtors. There are rules and regulations governing this kind of transaction, so be sure to check the laws in your state on how this should be handled. Ignorance is no excuse! But there are some great ideas worth considering.

*God Speed*


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