Be that Entrepreneur

When I hear the word “Entrepreneur” I think of many things like time, money, challenges, change, and of FREEDOM…
To me, entrepreneuralism has always been in my blood. I have had that spirit for as long as I can remember, and for one main reason… FREEEDOM. You see, when I think of all the opportunities in the world today, and all the different ways one can achieve success. I realize that most of those decisions will be made by someone who has or had the entrepreneural spirit. To put it in plain english, this is what Entrepreneurism is to me:

Freedom Calls…
It whispers to those locked in desperate circumstances.
I shouts to those determined to find a way.
It sings to those who discover it for themselves.
Freedom is calling you and me!

You see, the secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage. Entrepreneurism isn’t for everyone, and thats okay, but 51.9% of individuals are the first in their families to launch a business and become entrepreneurs.

*God Speed*


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