Making Your Debt Disappear

There are two ways. The first is to wait…Unless your creditor(s) have a court judgment against you on any particular debt, all record of the debt(s) will disappear from your credit report in 7 years except for bankruptcy which lasts 10 years. By simply waiting, time will erase your problem, and by opening up new accounts, you will get new credit, and a good rating. The second way is to pay-off faster. By strategically refinancing your mortgage, you can use your equity (if you have any) to immediately pay off all the high interest credit you now have. Clients that I have spoken too who have utilized this second way, have typically saved as much as $1000 per month by using equity to kill off high interest debt. Then, by applying this savings to your principle, your mortgage will be paid at double or triple speed. This will save you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

*God Speed*


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