Players vs. Pretenders; 5 key differences

What kind of followers do you lead? People who look the part or those who do their part? Here are five (5) differences between a “Player” and a “Pretender”…

1.Players: Have a servent’s mindset.
Pretenders: Have a selfish mindset.

2. Players: Are mission conscious.
Pretenders: Are position conscious.

3. Players: Are job happy.
Pretenders: Are job hunters.

4. Players: Can deliver the goods.
Pretenders: Promise the goods.

5. Players: Love to see others SUCCEED!
Pretenders: Are only interested in their own SUCCESS!

Players are REAL. Leaders do not perform for the followers’ benefit. They are open and truthful. They have nothing to hide. Truth really does set you FREE…

Pretenders on the other hand, have three things in the lives:
1-Destination Disease: They think success is always somewhere else.
2-Someone’s sickness: They think success is with someone else.
3-Backslider Blues: They think success today is impossible because of yesterday.

*God Speed*


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