Sales Rudeness!

-No Need
-No Money
-No Hurry
-No Desire
-No Trust

Most salespeople are taught never to ask a prospect or client if they have a few minutes to talk. there trained to think that this act of kindness/politeness is actually an escape hatch for you, giving you a way out of the conversation.

However, the truth is a little courtesy can go a long way. Start asking permission, and get an invitation to the conversation. By giving them a choice instead of playing power games, you show them that they are valuable, even before they become a client. If they are shown respect from the start, they are more likely to stay.

The next time you make a sales call, or even an unscheduled visit/follow-up, start the conversation by introducing yourself, or saying; “I know you weren’t expecting my call. Is now a good time to talk?” That simple question can open doors and just might help you avoid being labeled a nuisance.

*God Speed*


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