The Incalculable Benefit of Friends

The benefits and the necessity of true friends. They are invaluable and necessary for us all to enjoy a full life! “I Had A Friend” Check out some of the great quotes…

Friends are good for business.
“Most of us would have been very much poorer financially, but for the hosts of friends who have sent us customers and clients and business, who have always turned our way everything they could.”

Friends help us grow.
“Emerson says: ‘Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can. This is the service of a friend. With him we are easily great.’ ”

Relationships require work.
“Friendship must be cultivated. It cannot be bought; it is priceless. If you abandon your friends for a quarter of a century or more while you are buried in your pursuit of wealth, you cannot expect to come back and find them where you left them.”

To have friends, be a friend.
“If you would have friends, you must cultivate the qualities which you admire in others…. There is nothing like magnanimity and real charity, kindness, and a spirit of helpfulness, for attracting others. Your interest in people must be a real one, or you will not draw them to you.”

*God Speed*


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