5 Favorites For Generating Leads

Search Engine Pay Per Click Advertising: Via Google AdWords and Yahoo/MSN pay per click advertising, you can reach tons of web surfers. While many advertisers lose money with this method, if you know your metrics and improve them, you can make a killing here.

2.Social Media Marketing: You can drive lots of traffic to your website using social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

3.Social Media Advertising: Some social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have specific advertising programs to allow you to attract their members and drive them to your website.

4.Online Media Buying: Online media buying is purchasing ad space on desired websites. Unlike pay per click advertising where you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement, media buying is typically charged on a CPM or cost per thousand basis. That is, you pay every time a visitor sees your ad, regardless of whether or not they click on it.

5.Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website to be listed at the top of the search engine results for your most desired keywords and keyword phrases. Gaining top positions on certain keywords can drive hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of leads to your site each week. However, SEO results do not happen overnight; you need to have a strategy in place and invest in this lead generation technique.

I want to mention a key point here. You will generally be more successful if you do an excellent job executing on just ONE of these five tactics, versus doing an average job executing on ALL five tactics at once. So, I recommend starting with one tactic and gaining success, and then adding the other tactics.

The final point I’d like to make with regards to lead generation is that you must also have a lead nurturing mechanism in place.

Specifically, not every visitor who comes to your website is ready to buy right away. So, make sure you have mechanisms in place to capture those leads (perhaps by offering a free report in exchange for their email address), and then send emails to those leads to nurture and maintain your relationship with them over time. When they are ready, and when they trust you, they will buy.

*God Speed*


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