The High Cost of Gutter Neglect…Is it worth it?

Cleaning out the gutters is never fun. The leaves are gooey and slimy; the ladder is often wobbly, and you end up filthy no matter how careful you are. Fail to clean the gutters of your home and investment properties, however, and you will have a far more serious problem than a little mud on your shirt. Poor gutter maintenance leads to water damage, and if you think that a little water won’t do much harm, think again. Clogged and leaking gutters are the source of water-related problems including everything from flooded
basements to cracked foundations to rotten wood in every corner of the house. So instead of waiting until you have a real, certifiable disaster on your hands, take a few minutes to consider the myriad options you have for keeping your gutters clean.

For starters, you can just scoop them out the old-fashioned way. We’ve already talked about why this is not a popular option. However, there are many companies that will charge minimal amounts to do this unpleasant chore for you, and you may wish to hire them, particularly if you have multiple properties to maintain. Should you decide to hire someone to clean your gutters out for you, however, make sure that the company is licensed and insured. This will protect you in the event that any individual cleaning the gutters is injured while working on your house. If the company is not licensed and insured, you may actually be liable for injuries sustained while working on your property.

If you don’t want to deal with seasonal cleaning on your gutters, gutter guards may be a good option. When properly installed, these guards can not only prevent debris from entering your gutters but may also add value to your property. Some gutter guards are made of screens which catch debris. These still need to be cleaned as often as several times a year to prevent buildup on top of the screens. Other guards are solid and work like small roofs over your gutters, channeling debris over the gutters and off the roof of the house. However, even these may sometimes garner buildup and need to be swept or blown off every year or so. Some homeowners actually shy away from gutter guards because when gutters do become clogged it is much more complicated to isolate and fix the problem because the guards must be removed in order to do so.

Remember, every time that your gutters function ineffectively, you are essentially wearing away the foundation of your home. When gutters clog and water must find alternate routes off your roof, down the sides of your home and away from the actual house, that water will carry pieces of your house away with it. Over time, the erosion can become severe and even create foundational problems and sinkholes. Don’t let a simple – albeit unpleasant – task result in the eventual destruction of your home! Figure out the best way for you to deal with the gutters on your home and investment properties today.

*God Speed*
TLD Investments LLC


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