3 Changes that Can Add Value to a Home in Almost Any Market

When it comes to adding equity to an existing property, making major structural changes is always a gamble. Particularly in today’s real estate market, most investors recommend only making changes that will yield instant or near-instant value since appreciation is unpredictable and the “rules” of the market are changing constantly. Of course, if you are dealing with your own home, then you may opt to make changes to your home that will enhance your own living experience. When it comes to investment properties, however, you might consider these fast, easy alterations that can make a property instantly more attractive and add to its potential value without costing you big bucks and lots of time in the process.
1.Update the home office
In today’s jobs market, more and more people are opting to work from home out of necessity. If a home has a home office already, update it with a fresh coat of paint, some great built-in shelves and a few easy amenities like an office chair and some organizational items. If there is not an existing home office, consider staging a spare bedroom as a home office or even installing an office workspace or nook in a kitchen or living area.
2.Modernize the Master Suite
Once considered a luxury, now a master suite (bedroom and bath, minimum) is often considered a necessity in a home – even if homebuyers are cutting corners in other areas. Since most newer houses have a master-suite layout, try modernizing the room to give it the feel of a recent renovation. About a third of all homebuyers report that they are more likely to buy a home that has recently been renovated than one that has not. Redo closet shelves to maximize storage, brighten up the paint, replace lighting and/or bathroom hardware, and stage the area carefully to make it feel cozy without being cramped.
3.Replace Energy-Wasting Windows
In older homes, some experts estimate that nearly a third of all energy costs are due to energy lost through windows. Replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient ones makes a home more aesthetically pleasing and cuts a homeowner’s future budget, giving them more purchasing power up front.

What changes do you like to make when sprucing up an investment property? How about your own home?

*God Speed*
TLD Investments LLC


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