Start A Business;Marketing Plan And Sales Materials

new business owner’s overall business plan should include a marketing plan. If a detail marketing plan was not prepared in the business plan, a new business owner should complete it before opening the doors of the new operation. The extent of a detailed marketing plan for a new business will depend upon the type of operations; but, all businesses should have a marketing plan. Tools to assist with writing a marketing plan are readily available. Implementation of the marketing plan includes developing the advertising materials, sales materials, customer lists, and possibly an Internet website.

Advertising materials can include media (television and radio), print (newspaper, magazines, yellow pages, publications), on-site (signs, posters, banners), and remote (billboards). Although many new small business budgets do not include media advertising, these materials may be available through a franchise marketing co-op. Materials can be produced through an advertising agency, or developed directly with a production company or a TV or radio station. Frequently, media advertising can be contracted on a commission basis that makes it affordable for small businesses. Under this scenario , the media company is paid only when sales occur. Also, a new business should take advantage of free press releases or ads announcing the opening of the business.

New business sales materials potentially include a sales proposal format, product brochures, flyers, business cards, and stationery. First impressions are always important and particularly when starting a new business. A new business owner should have the marketing materials prepared to make organized, professional sales calls and presentations.

Your marketing plan identifies the target market for the new business. To start the advertising activities, you should have customer lists for distributing materials and making sales calls (direct and telephonic). Customer lists are available from list service companies, over the Internet, and through government agencies.

Many business products and services compliment those of other companies. Networking with companies with common customers can be efficient marketing. Joint advertising or sale proposals, network events, and tradeshows are effective methods to reach target customers.

In recent years, the Internet has become an effective marketing tool. The type of products and services affects the extent of a company’s use of the Internet. A company selling products or services on its website requires a major investment in website development and maintenance. However, a small company advertising a service can utilize website marketing on an economical basis. Website marketing can include not only the company’s site; but also, links to, and banners on other business sites with common customers, listings on Internet business directories, and links to government sites. With the growing interest in e-commerce and Internet usage, all new business owners should evaluate the benefits of website marketing.

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