Real Estate Investor Photography Tips

Sure, we can all take a nice picture of the sunset, but how many of us can spot the angle that will sell a house in seconds? If you fear that your listing photos – or lack thereof – are hurting your sales numbers, you could be right. Here are three tips for taking good pictures to make your real estate listings move:
1.Stage, Stage, Stage
Make sure everything is neat in the frame – no clutter, exposed power cords, or awry curtains – and don’t be afraid to move furniture around to highlight a particular view or a positive aspect of the room. You want to make the picture “pop,” and you may need to rearrange furniture to really make that happen.
2.Get Good Light
Pictures of the exterior of a home should be taken in early evening or morning – not midday, direct sun. Morning and early evening light is most complimentary and will give you better quality images.
3.Consider Video
More and more real estate professionals are taking video of the interior and exterior of properties. While you still need to do your best to make the video complimentary, people tend to be more forgiving of this medium and you can show many aspects of a single room or view with video in a way that you cannot with still photos.

What are your best tips and tricks for getting good images for your listings?

*God Speed*
TLD Investments LLC


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