Social Networking; How and Why?

Social media are a great tool for small businesses as they pursue the quest of acquiring more customers—starting with one more customer, of course! But more important than just using social media is knowing how to use them correctly. You need to prioritize and think strategically about social media, before signing up for networks and using them indiscriminately.

So many entrepreneurs are hearing about how great social networks can be for business, and they rush into them headfirst—but they run into problems because no one helped them figure out the best approach to take in the social world.

Here are a few of the most important lessons:
•Claim Your Name Early. Even before you’re ready to actually get started with social media, you should consider claiming your name on various networks first. That way, when you do decide you’re ready, you won’t have lost the name to another individual or business. You can always set up a simple placeholder message in the meantime, like “Coming Soon.”
•Get Your Business Fully Functioning First. Many entrepreneurs jump right into social networking before they have even gotten their business up and off the ground. Many of the entrepreneurs Needleman interviewed recommended waiting until your business is ready first, because effectively managing your networks can easily distract you from the primary goal of getting the business really started in the first place.
•Start With One Social Network. Instead of immediately getting into every social network you can find, start with just one social network, one that you think is most likely to offer access to your target audience. Get that network set up and well-run before adding additional networks. Every profile you have should be exactly the way you want it, instead of a large number of profiles each getting a limited amount of attention.

*God Speed*
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