Speedier Sale; Try this..

If you are in the market for a bank-owned (REO) home, look through foreclosure listings to identify an agent who works directly with a lender. Agents with long-term relationships with lenders can expedite the buying process and may even know about listings that are not yet in a public database.

Most banks have a department or someone who is nincharge of the “REO’s” or in banking lingual…”Non performing Assets”. You can inquire with those individuals to see what they have avaialable of know of any REO’s. If you really want to develope a good relationship with those people, learn the REO-foreclosure language. This does a couple of things for you as an Investor.
1-Shows them you know what your talking about
2-Gives you and them credibility and respect. Most of those in charge of these areas.departments will only speak to individuals who have either done business in this arena before or have been recommended by others.

Continue to introduce yourself to them as an Investor who can buy and sell quickly and have a large data base of buyers and sellers. This will flag those department heads that you are someone who can HELP them as well.

*GOD Speed*
TLD Investments LLC


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