Upgrades Buyers are Looking For

Regardless of what the media is telling you, it is still a buyers’ market out there. And the buyers are loving it, getting more and more picking and demanding as they search for the “perfect” house to purchase out of the myriad options out there. One of the best ways to make your home stand out from the crowd is to have the updates and upgrades in it that buyers report that they are looking for in today’s crowded market. Having a “hot” upgrade can make your home more attractive than the others in your area and insure that buyers will remember – and make an offer –when they come to a decision about where they want to live.

Interestingly enough, the laundry plays a major role in many homebuyers’ purchasing decision. Traditionally, the laundry room was located in the basement, but today’s buyers do not necessarily want to traipse up and down the stairs with load after load of linens. Instead, they want a laundry room that has been integrated into the home itself to allow more opportunities for multitasking and monitoring the kids while doing the chores. Just putting the laundry room in a hall closet or adjacent to the kitchen could make a huge impression on your potential buyers.

Today’s buyers are also looking for outdoor living spaces, although outdoor living does not necessarily mean you must have a fully-equipped kitchen on the deck. Buyers are looking for well-designed, connected spaces that work well with the interior of the home so that the deck or patio actually feels like an extension of the living space rather than a separate area. Often, this feel can be accomplished with some thoughtful design and new patio furniture. If you really want to make an impression, work with your landscaper to really bring the outdoors and the indoors together using strategic placement of plants and pavers.

Finally, buyers are loving the “family friendly” kitchen, which offers multiple eating spaces and plenty of room for family members to gather and socialize (or do homework). Like the outdoor living areas, these changes in a kitchen can often be accomplished via design and new furniture rather than a remodel; the idea is to create multiple avenues via which a family can gather while different family members multitask by preparing food or otherwise occupying themselves in the same general area. Islands, breakfast nooks, and bars are all ways to make these changes in a kitchen without having to renovate the kitchen itself.

What are you finding that buyers really want out of their new homes? Anything push them right over the edge to an offer?

*GOD Speed*
TLD Investments LLC


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