Cheap Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Expensive Repairs

You know in the back of your mind that every few years you are going to have to get your house painted, your carpet cleaned or replaced, and your roof repaired. However, most of us live with this knowledge firmly pushed to the back of our minds, hoping that we simply will have a solution for these pricey home-maintenance requirements when the time comes. “We’ll get the money somewhere,” we tell ourselves. Fortunately, there are actually some very low-cost, high-impact steps that you can take to prevent the need for these types of repairs at all, and adding them to your monthly chore list can add years to the life of your existing paint, shingles, carpet, etc. Here are three tips to prevent expensive home repairs:
1.Prune the shrubbery and trim the trees
If you can keep plants from rubbing against the exterior walls of your home, you will not only preserve the quality of the paint but also avoid moisture issues and bug problems. Plants should be pruned at least a foot away from the house, and trees should not scrape against the walls of your home.
2.Ventilate your attic
Many roofers report that as much – if not more – roof damage is a result of the boiling temperatures in the attic under the roof as from the storms above the roof. You cannot do much to prevent the sky from hailing every once in a while, but making sure your attic is adequately ventilated can help your roof stand up to the weather for months or years longer.
3.Vacuum daily
Sure, sweeping up isn’t the most fun you could have on an afternoon, but a daily vacuum will save your carpet like nothing else. Removing all that dust and grime that you and your family would otherwise be grinding into the carpet will add years to the life of your fuzzy floor treatments and save you major expense either due to cleaning requirements or replacement.

What do you do to prevent major home repairs?

*GOD Speed*
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