Personal Finance: 3 Things to Buy Used

If you are a garage-sale lover or a thrift-shopaholic, then you probably have at least one person in your life who is constantly telling you how much more value you would get out of things if you would just buy them new. However, there are some items that are actually a far better value for the second owner than the first. Here are three things that Yahoo! Finance has officially certified as better used than new:
Just like a car, as soon as furniture leaves the showroom its value tanks – and that’s good news for you if you are the second owner in line. You can easily get discounts as deep as 75 percent on nearly-new items by shopping craigslist, thrift stores, or garage sales. Of course, have upholstery professionally cleaned, and don’t buy used mattresses without carefully considering the risk of bedbugs.
2.Swing Sets
If you can handle the transportation, used swing sets can be obtained for half of what they go for new. Of course, you’ll need to verify safety information and check any recall information before you buy to make sure that you are getting a safe toy for your kids.
3.Kids’ Bikes
Kids outgrow their bikes incredibly quickly – and most parents don’t want the old vehicles cluttering up the garage. Bikes for young children tend to be gently used and cheap to get, though, as with swing sets, check out all safety information and recall status online before you buy.

What items do you always buy used? What do you always buy new?

*GOD Speed*
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