Top Three Cities Where Residents Feel the Safest

Safety and security are important to homeowners, but the perception of safety and security plays almost as big a role in the buying decision. Even if an area is perfectly secure, many buyers will opt not to make a purchase if they do not feel like they will be safe walking at night or living alone. As an investor, it is important to not only evaluate crime rates in an area before buying, but also to evaluate how residents feel about the area in which they live. Below are the top three cities where residents feel the safest in the United States. Safety sentiment was determined by a “walking score” that measured how safe residents feel when walking alone at night.

Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Massachusetts/New Hampshire came in third for cities where residents felt safest alone at night. Only 23 percent of residents in this region said that they did not feel safe walking alone in their local area. Denver-Aurora, Colorado and Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina tied for second place. 78 percent of residents in those two regions felt safe walking alone at night. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, Minnesota/Wisconsin placed first for safest-feeling city in the nation with a full 80 percent of residents saying that they felt comfortable walking alone at night.

How safe do you feel in your local area? Would you walk alone at night? Is this something you consider before buying investment properties?

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