3 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating

When it comes to improving your property, you might assume that there really is not much that you can do wrong. After all, any improvement is a good one, right? Unfortunately, wrong. If you make the wrong improvements – or even make the right improvements in the wrong way – you could end up way over budget or even facing fines for violating local building codes. To make sure you handle your renovations the right way, check out this list of three major mistakes to avoid before you get out your hammer and nails.

  1. Mistake #1: Failure to Get a Permit
    Many homeowners think that they do not need a building permit unless they are doing major construction to the outside of their home. This is not necessarily true. Make sure that you are aware of your local building codes and requirements before tackling any renovation in order to insure you do not end up owing money on your improvements or even facing demands that you undo your renovation.
  2. Mistake #2: Overbuy. Many homeowners buy way too many materials, assuming that it will be useful for them to have extra flooring, paint, siding, etc. sometime in the future. This is almost never the case and it creates clutter in your storage areas that is almost always entirely unnecessary. It’s okay to purchase a little extra, but don’t go overboard or your project will cost far more than it should.
  3. Mistake : #3: Assume You Won’t Get Hurt.No matter how experienced you are, you can get hurt doing a construction project. Wear your safety gear! True experts are conscious of safety issues and careful to avoid dangerous behavior.

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