Boomers in Business

“Encore Entrepreneurs” are invading the market place.

According to the Small Business Administration, entrepreneurship rates are rising faster among the Americans 45 to 60 than among those 20 to 30. The SBA’s National Small Business Week in June highlighted the partnership between the SBA and the AARP to support older entrepreneurs. Of the AARP’s 37 million members, 5 million to 10 million are interested in starting a small business. “Encore entrepreneurs” as AARP calls them, are bringing to the table what their spring -chicken counterparts can’t; decades of work experience, real-world understanding and the seasoned desire to start business.

Regardless of the age of the business entrepreneur, they as well as their respective business needs to be legally protected at all times. This is where LegalShield can assist. With over 40 years of experience, and well over 40,000 current small business owners on board, we do just that; Help the Small business owner grow and protect their investment. To learn more about our company and it;s valuable services visit us at the following websites; &

*GOD Speed*


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