Thomas is a graduate of SJSU with a degree in business science and a minor in marketing, as well as a graduate from CFG Real Estate Marketing Finances. He is the founder and President of TLD Investments LLC. He founded the Entity in 2003 with his focus initially being that of foreclosures, “rehabbing” and “flipping” properties. For the first year he performed many transactions creating a small lucrative business, which has since grown into a networth of over 1.9 million dollars.  As he studied the Real Estate market and all it’s possibilities, he realized there was a greater need. Through the market ups/downs there were individuals/families still searching for the “American Dream” .  He  found that most people, whether Real Estate savvy or not, still required assistance to some level in pursue of home ownership. He developed his “Circle Of Wealth” team. This “Circle of Wealth” team consists of key players in the Real Estate market. With this team and his financial creativeness, Tom has been able to purchase and close on several Real Estate properties throughout NM. He is currently utilizing his successful transactions to assist those who are focused on acheiving “home Ownership” through his creative financing techniques.

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